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March 2, 2009

Tony’s 180sx

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bit of history behind tony’s 180sx…

started off CA powered with the focus on the suspension and diff

HKS hypermax D’s and Nismo 2way diff! 

Previous owner decided to paint the car to escape the purple maroony

This was the car as it was when we picked it up…  fresh paint in rosso corsa red, 17×9 A-tech drift wheels…  SR20 engine not running, what will be the issues?? @_@

Whats this?? 

Damage to chassis!  Note:  rock hard suspension, 2 way diff + no strut brace = chassis rip damage  (please run braces ^_^)

Time to replace the front drivers side quarter… missssssssion!!!

Have to remove engine to replace, may as well matte black the engine bay? yes!

This time we install FENDER BRACE to make sure it doesnt happen again ! Also rewire loom through the engine bay to allow lower heights to be achieved ^_^

Okie Dokie, car is back together, engine running fine, time for some modification!!!

Lookie Look what we have here… Type X goodness^_^

Also installed:

Z32 AFM, Nismo fuel pump, HKS airfilter, HKS EVC4 EBC, Apexi Power FC, Greddy FMIC, SR20DE throttle body, S15 440cc injectors, s15 GT28 bb turbo…

Time for a tune ^_^  200kw??

Oh no!!  Burning alot of oil ??  Noooooo, piston rings gone on the engine .. 😦


Out comes the engine again…  this time gonna go with a + T!

S15 sr20de engine, 90,000kms…  should be good!

Swapped over all the parts, put engine back in car, this time please nothing break !!!!????

Attempt number 2 at tuning… after running into many issues again, fuel pressure reg not working 😦 leaking fuel…    FUCK!   also oil leak from turbo feed and also appears to be injector damaged 😦  not running properly… quick on the job repair, replace o-rings on injectors!!  YAY working again…

This time brand new SARD Fuel pressure reg to sort out the fuel…  THIS TIME CMON!  O_o

HOORAY!!!  208rwkw from SR20DE + T..    engine running beautifully now,  THANKS SOICHI ^__^

1st day of testing:  going well until, GAAAAAA grinding noise from gearbox… wow how many problems will there be, poor tony 😦

bearings are buggered… 2nd gear syncros are worn .. ( lol )  time for a gearbox rebuild and brand new clutch, cleaned and washed every single part too!

Gearbox goes back in, wow feels mint!!!  Good work tony!

FINALLY COMPLETED (for now…..)   what a fuckin mission….  TIME FOR A JOINT


December 16, 2008

cool pic

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cool pic


December 11, 2008


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I found this piece of concrete out at a friend’s farm, its niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

First Post!

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Hi guys,

So because Adam made a blog, I thought shit, I’ll make a blog so we can battle.  ^_^ nah but seriously this is not your average blog, you’ll see some buzzy shit here.


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